Monday, February 28, 2011

It's the end of November

Dreaming like no one would watch I tried my best to stroke my hands and creatively get some photographs on the borrowed camera. Photography isn't my niche, yet it allows to wear another hat and juggle things up. With the such grace I tried shooting the orange sky twice as I can.

As we journeyed to the mall, we I dare not to upload the video I tried to VJ-ed on. So we took separate ways, the tres marias namely Kakay, Changchang, and Happy went to the supermarket. I, Ericson and Butch took a lift to the fourth floor, but I did change my mind, with the camera on the left hand, I drifted, I went out the lift, told them good bye, went back to the second floor and started dreaming about a fashion photographer:

The title layout inspired me to do the blog layout like this

I roam around the bookshop, and told my dreams in every books I touched my hand with. I started my journey as an assuming photographer.

Set the settings to digital macro photography I ended up with these photos:
cute typography

It is the colorful leaves of the book in photo before this photo

Reminded me of Gaga's New Single: Born this Way

I bumped in two late issues my favorite magazine.

tempted to buy these

Did browse on some 10 peso game-themed magazine:

I'm also tempted to buy these magazines also:

But the best thing about getting inside the BOOKSHOP is finding this cute little book of about bump stickers.


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