Thursday, May 26, 2016

Two Words A Day: Be Brave

We tend to be afraid to experience new things because of bad memories but sometimes, that's all we need, one brave heart to begin a new life.

I would like to dedicate today's Two Words A Day prompt for my Active Citizens Leaders for Social Impact Experience. I'm still intoxicated with the euphoria it caused me when I received an email from British Council Philippines, informing me that I got accepted to participate in a 4 day workshop namely, Leaders for Social Impact.

I have to be honest, it was a half-hearted submission. Instead of creating a two-minute video idea for the application, I sent an old college project. I never expected for a reply, but they contacted me and one of my character references that I need to sent them the idea video and the character reference.

Armed with the "aspiring-film maker spirit",  I kept the camera rolling and ended up with this video.

Be brave. 

Those moments felt like cliff diving. I never expose my ideas in the fears that they were not good enough. The application was a brave moment for me. It was an act exposing my vulnerabilities.

If you want to experience the workshop, the team has just called for the Visayas Leg, that will happen on June 21–24, 2016 at Damires Hills Tierra, Iloilo. For more information visit the following sites:

British Council Philippines Facebook
British Council Philippines Website

See more of this projects here. 


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