Thursday, May 12, 2016

Two Words A Day: Always Appreciate

Appreciation is a form of acknowledgment of the existence of the unknown.
Nothing beats a word of appreciation, unless you meant otherwise. I started this project two years ago and I think I have to do this again. Insane feeds about Philippine election are taking over my facebook feed, and there were times that I really wanted to blurt to the whole world how fucked up the whole election are, but I have to be grateful for it because change is coming. 

Here’s how today’s two words a day comes into play:

Always appreciate.

I think appreciation is a form of acknowledgement of the existence the unknown. 

So what makes me appreciate Philippine Election?

I appreciate it because it gives me a sense of nationalism, a glimmer of hope that as soon as May 9, 2016 goes off from the calendar I might be able to move on with my life. Changes may not take effect as fast as one google search but I hope I will feel it on the coming years.

See more of this here. 


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