Thursday, March 31, 2016

Insights: Of Being 25

It’s been year when I posted this, and it come to my sense that to do another set of insights will be a good thing to do end the month of March. By the way I turned 25 this year, and this post entitled Of Being 25.

On love. 
You have to see beyond imperfections.

On friendships. 
You only need a few that understands you, supports you and love you.

On giving.
 Give what you need.

On work. 
Do what you can do today, leave early, don't wait for tomorrow.

On being a friend.
Just listen.

On movies. 
See the ones you like not what the television dictates.

On travel.
 Snap a little appreciate more.

On social media. 
Like the likable. Promote what you love. Defend if you must.

On creativity.
 Nothing is original, just take credit.

On learning.
If there's a chance, grab the opportunity.

On dreams. 
Never stop dreaming.

On family. 
Give them treats once in a while.

On life. 
Take risks, big or small.

On being single. 
Spend more time with yourself.

On gratitude.
 List as many as you can.

On work. 
Work hard and the work will love you, but not to the extent of sacrificing your health, relationship and yourself.

Travel is essential. 
All work no play makes you uneasy and other emotions that is related to being anxious and discontented.

Answer with class. 
There are times that you have to answer awkward questions, to ease the awkwardness, release your inner class.

Hobbies make your dull times, worthwhile.
Photography, writing and even painting, art related or not, as long it makes dull moments alive, do it.

Focus on the moment. 
There are certain moments in life that we wish to be changed but these moments teaches us something that is worth keeping.

Expectation hurts. 
Really. Never assume unless it’s stated and written in papers. Word of honor does not apply, anymore? 

Keep your lines open. 
Never forget phone numbers if possible, have another copy of it on paper, never ever forget to send message to everyone.

Little things matter. 
Never ever take everything for granted. Little things combined together make a big thing.

Surround yourself with positive people. 
You will need a lot help.

Check your self.
At the end of the day you have to check within yourself if you are happy with what had transpired within the day.

Images are from the #chadiewrites and #thenabunturanisee series from my instagram.


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