Friday, February 27, 2015

Life in Still: Chain Weaving

Yesterday was a fantastic day for I was able to lend a hand. It was great deal for me because I was able to use creativity for a great cause. I was asked to photograph the abaca weaves from  Cooperative Handicraft Industry of Nabunturan (C.H.A.I.N). The photographs were sent via email to their client.

Here are some of the photographs I took yesterday. It feels like having a photo-shoot and these weaves are my model. So to give a little background, Cooperative Handicraft Industry of Nabunturan, produces abaca hemp-based products like bags, folders, picture frames, coin purses, abaca cloth, roll mats and other novelty items.  

I was able to to weave this pattern it was bought by a teacher for the blind students.
 If you don't have something to do on summer, weaving is a must learn craft you must try.

These design are used for organizer.
 CHAIN, also teaches  how to sew on old singer machine and on an electric sewing machine.  They also teaches you to braid and do wonders with the abaca.
This is weave pattern 17, it is used for bags. 

So, if you do have the urge to learn a new craft, CHAIN is located at Corner Padre Zamora Street Circumferential Road, Nabunturan, Compostela Valley Province.


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