Thursday, September 4, 2014

Two words a Day: Dream Dreams

Once, I offered universe a wish and it was to share knowledge and expertise to young ones. I felt it was fascinating. Two years ago, I got the dream. It was like circling around the lighted candle. Bright, warm and fuzzy.  Everyday was like going into a battlefield. I felt fear, tension and the idea, "Will this people, who might be the same age as me, listen to someone who just graduated six months ago? The truth is I doubted myself. I questioned the idea of me being the source of information.

I lacked confidence, and the realization hit me, I was not ready for the job, but as I get to know the people around me during the days I deliver lessons, I realize I could keep up with the noblest profession, I might not be perfectly cut for it but the work fits well on me.

However, there comes a time when you realize you have hacked a path not your own, but if given the chance to turn back the time, I would have still choose the opportunity to be a teacher. Being a teacher taught me two words love and compassion.

Sometimes, it felt waking up not minding how tired you are. Putting a smile even how uneasy it feels to be on front talking, thinking that somebody is looking out for your mispronounced words. But, still you strive hard to survive for a day.

Every night I wished I would not wake up, but every morning I thank God for allowing me to see another day. I would offer it to Him, and say take me where You want me to be.

It was a good experience to become a teacher, being able to share what you know is like opening doors to worlds unimaginable.

In one of the scene in the movie  Tangled, Rapunzel asked Flynn, What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be? , he answered that it will be.Then asked him again with this question: And what if it is? What do I do then? here's what Flynn answered: "Well,that's the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream."

Here's a secret I want to tell you, during elementary days and whenever I got the chance to answer questions in  a slum book, I always answer the ambition part with: "I WANT TO BE A POLICE". People might find this funny, but who are they to stop a dreamer like me to dream dreams? Anyway, I am doing the necessary things to achieve the dream. I don't know what will happen but I hope I could get that PO1 beside my name. Dream dreams.


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