Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Two Words a Day: Beautifully Breathe

Breathing exercises help me clear my mind. Whenever I am bothered, I tend to become forgetful  of the things that I should be focusing on. Often, I forget to focus on task that are more needed to be done. In order for me to refocus, and set things to order, I start to close my eyes, and slowly think that the whole world is watching me beautifully breathe in a manner that I am enriching myself with magical energy that heal my own being.

Beautifully breathe.

Breathe again. I was supposed to share about my battle cry for this month, but this project came into mind. Today's two words a day is Beautifully breathe. The idea behind it is that even in our hardest time we forget to stop and feel the air we breathe. Sometimes, breathing the air won't suffice but being able to beautifully breathe it is like appreciating your one's life. Beautifully breathe the air, even you go through series of ups and down.


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