Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tragically motivated

I've been eating rice for this past few days its non a week since i got here. I've been eating a lot, finishing all of what has left in the fridge from lunch and breakfast, I'm starting to love coffee, and i just can's stop myself from eating. its raining here always, i haven't load my phone, and now I'm not afraid, if i just stay here in our house, maybe I'll just miss the essence of going to school. i don't know if i want to comeback, i lost my hope in pursuing my dreams, my goals of finishing my career. Anyways, I've been far from the technological world, my Plurk karma is decreasing and I think lj would be a nice to be a new home but then I'm hesitant about the name and the layout. i don't know if multiply alerts are flooding up the spam box of my gmail account,or Yesha is of is having a new contest. I'm loving the book of Proverbs I'm so conscious of my nails even if its still short, I'm still cutting it, I'm so tardy, i wont even cook rice, and wash dishes
i love it, the silence of midnight where the singing crickets and the falling rain sing in chorus.


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