Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunday Post

I’m now writing in pad paper, and I’m still sleepy, I’ve eaten for pieces of pan de sal and switch on the television and watch Winx Club, after the show, I took again coffee. This morning I took fun of my brother’s Rubik’s cube, it’s not yet arrange, but I did find a screw driver and dissemble it, and yes it is assemble and I end up disassembling it again. Anyways, guilt invade my brain for what I have done, I have used coconut shell charcoal, and its hard to fire it up, I have almost fill out a bottle of alcohol for it would not light up, but then I have no choice but to use wrappers, plastic cellophane, and I feel guilty because the smoke may add up to the CFC build up on the sky that would cause ozone layer depletion. My afternoon snack was a grilled banana brushed with margarine and sprinkled with white sugar when 3 o’ clock strikes, I pray in serenity, after I see Robi in his long black hair. The outside is gloomy white clouds turns grayish white. Thunder claps, coconut trees starts to sway. I hear the raindrops slowly pouring on the roof.


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