Saturday, July 12, 2014

As it Happens: Bb. Nabunturan 2014 Preliminary Competition

I was supposed to do a live blog using the #bbnabunturan on twitter, but it has been a fail. However, I have my own way of documenting the event. Pardon for the image-less post, the mobile phone I brought that moment is on the verge of shutting down. So here's my perspective on what happen during the  Bb. Nabunturan 2014 Preliminary Competition.

7: 34. Arrived late from then expected time of the show only to find out the show hasn't started. Teenagers everywhere, familiar faces appear. They hired the right sound booth to fill the air with current pop music.

7:51. started to scribble notes. Batteries are down by 30% decided to use phone for photographs.

7:54. Host announces 5 minutes before the show. A Miley Cyrus and journey mashed up was played on the background. Music beating and my heart's getting excited.

7:58 music changes to a pageant-ish, people started cheering I think so.

7:59 host started his spiel announcing sponsors, benefactors.

8:01 COUNTDOWN, people cheers, sings with the national anthem without flag.

8:04 Lead me Lord by Gary Valenciano as the doxology.

8:08 Opening address: Atty Karen Santiago Malaki, president of MTC shares the history of BB Nabunturan,
The best way to present a place is to showcase the talent and beauty of its people.
 Explains why there is a minimal fee. And thanks LGU for the support.

8:12 Production number with Nabunturan Performing Arts with BB Nabunturan candidates

8:15 Candidate introduction,  Bb Magsaysay has more fans. I wish the introduction was brief, like Name, Age, Baranggay they represent.

8:19 Host appears out of nowhere. Shared to the audience that close door interviews had been done this afternoon that determine who the Miss Eloquence is. The preliminaries will be composed of swimsuit competition and long-gown.

8:22 Hosts introduces board of judges.

8:25 Assumption College of Nabunturan Dance Troupe open the competition

8:30 Swimsuit heels oh gosh heels

forgot to scribble.
7. Sweet
9. She have her weaves down.
11. She had 2011 angola ish hairstyle.
12. Has many fans.
13. feisty
14. the small but terrible
15. gay ish display of swimsuit
16. that shoulder

8:47 Mayor Romeo H. Clarin, Sr gave speech. Shares how grateful he is for tonight.

8:51 Host tells everyone that the event partnered with  Touch Mobile for text choice award

8:53 DMX Comvalenyos entertained the crowed with a check your hair dance.

8:54 long gown competition

1. in golden serpentina gown
2. Blue sequined dress with sequined long glove.
3. Black sparkly long gown
4. Black lace gown,
 5. Peach pleated long gown
 6. Blue long gown with yellow and blue frills.
 7. It’s like looking at marian rivera in red
8. Another golden yellow gown,
9. Venus Raj peg, white long gown, she looks like Tiana in the princess and the frog
10. Pink mulan
11. ruby red miss Angola ish hair style.
12. pinkish long gown.
13. Gowns like bodice plus a wrap
14. like the gown.
15. Red jasmine princess
16. Black Grecians goddess
17. pink blush gown.

9:24 Nabunturan performance arts guild performed again
9:30. Award of certificate appreciate
9: 35 announcement of the nominees for long gown, swimsuit, eloquent.

Swimsuit  Competition


Long gown  Competition


Miss Eloquence 

I will update this post with photographs soon. The coronation night of Bb Nabunturan will be on July 22, 2014, same place.


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