Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cinema Rehiyon 9 Guest List

The Cinema Rehiyon 9 have  almost 100 short films and 12 other full length films. 10 directors will be present during the festival including  Gawad Urian Best Director Sheron Dayoc. But aside from the events and the things to watch for during the fete you also have to know who will be the guest and people who will be coming in Nabunturan during the Cinema Rehiyon 9. They are a combination of Cinema Committee and Film Fest Directors all over the Philippines. So I present to you the Cinema Rehiyon 9 Guest List: 

  1. Teddy O. Co, Film Committee Chair
  2. Elvert C. Banares, CineKasimanwa Film Festival Director
  3. Bordie Carillo, Lantawan Socksargen Film Festival Director
  4. Hobart Savior, Cinemagis Festival Director
  5. Tito G. Valiente, Film Critic, Committee Member
  6. Patrick F. Campos, Cinema Committee Member
  7. Edward Cabagnot, Film Educator
  8. Laila Ulao, Best Actress 40th Gawad Urian
  9. Archi Adamos, Cinema Committee Member
  10. Ryan C. Cuatrona, Hinulid Team member
  11. Eilyn Nidea, Hinulid Team member
  12. Ryanne Murcia, Director of Entre Medio Del Fin
  13. Juliet Cuizon, Lutas Film Festival
  14. Brian Michael Dolatre "Biboy Ramirez", Ned’s Project
  15. Madelyn Garcia, Peikultura
  16. Blaine Joseph Johnson, Open Air Cinema
  17. Ed Lejano, QCinema Film Fest
  18. Ronaldo Tan, Sinulog Film Fest
  19. Bianca Balbuena, Speaker, Masters Class
  20. Bradley Choong Khuen Liew
  21. Raymond Martin A. Lee "Moira Lang", Speaker, Masters Class
  22. Miguel Rapatan, Quo Vadis Speaker
  23. Alexandra Marie de Leon Poblete, Guest, DAKILA Cinema Rehiyon 10 Host
  24. Maria Christine Onate, Guest, DAKILA Cinema Rehiyon 10 Host
  25. Ferdinand Isleta, Head, NCCA Art Section
  26. Monique Pilapil, Cinema Committee Secretariat
  27. Bernadette David, NCCA Project Monitor
  28. Jerome Dulin, Cinema Padday Festival Director
  29. Dr. Noel Volante, Naga City
  30. Esther Maguigad, Naga City
  31. Jo Andrew Torlao, FDCP Manila
  32. Rudolph Ian Alama, Mindanao Film Fest

Nabunturan will have 100 or more guests starting tonight. So if you want to know more about the event you may visit the Cinema Rehiyon 9 Facebook Fan Page and it's official website

Monday, August 21, 2017

10 Film Directors Present in Cinema Rehiyon 9

We are left with 1 day, and the Cinema Rehiyon 9 team is doing their final touches but what amazes me is that out of 12 full length film directors, 10 directors will be flying in for this year’s Cinema Rehiyon 9, No Walls, No Ceilings.  

Petersen Vargas. The director of the trending web series “Hanging Out”, and the 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten, Cinema One Originals Film Fest Best Picture.  Image from Manila Bulletin.

Keith Deligero. Cinema One Originals 2016 Best Director.  Image from Facebook.com

Lem Lorca. Ned’s Project. Image from facebook.com

Zig Dulay. Paglipay. Image by Inquirer.net

Sheron Dayoc. Women of the Weeping River

Victor Villanueva. Patay na si Jesus

Victor Acedillo. Lando at Bugoy

Arnel Barbarona, Tu Pug Imatuy. Image by Sunstar

Teng Mangansakan. Forbidden Memory. Image from Facebook.com

Bagane Fiola, Baboy Halas

Sunday, August 20, 2017

9 things to watch out during Cinema Rehiyon 9

I have to be honest this post have been put off since Friday, for two reasons: a. It might sound self serving for I am volunteering for the festival b. It might not be helpful. But I think it is part of Nabunturan history, the first municipality to host the national event for regional cinema.

But allow me to share so that I could put it out off my system, for I can not be present during the day time screenings. 

Anyway, the title for today's blog post have been on it's fourth revision from 9 things I want to do during Cinema Rehiyon 9 to 9 persons to have your photo taken with during Cinema Rehiyon 9, and I forgot the other two titles.  

Today's blog post title is: 9 things to watch out during Cinema Rehiyon 9. There are many events, reasons and people to watch out during the national film festival for the regional cinema, but here are my top 9:

1. The opening film.  Women of the Weeping River, is the 40th Gawad Urian Best Picture. Also, what makes the opening film special is that  it's the film's first screening in Mindanao.

2. Cinema Rehiyon : Quo Vadis. One of the Cinema Rehiyon 9 forum is directed into deepening the understanding of where the national film festival of regional cinema is heading to as it enters it's 10th year. Panelist of the said forum will be the regional film festival directors. The forum will be on August 25, 2017 at the Social Hall of Provincial Capitol of Compostela Valley, 9:00 am.

3. Forums. The August 23, 2017 forum is about the full length filmmakers journey on creating their films. Another forum to watch out for is the Production Management Workshop and Distribution by the film producers Moira Lang and Bianca Valbuena.

4. Screening of full length films from Pista ng Pelikula ng Pilipino and other film fest. The most talked about Patay na si Hesus by Victor Villanueva and Zig Dulay’s Paglipay. Lem Lorca's Ned's Project, and Petersen Vargas' 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

5. Award-wining Mindanaoan films and films shot in Mindanao. Bagane Fiola's Baboy HalasVic Acedillo, Jr's Lando and Bugoy, Sinag Maynila Best Film, Tu Pug Imatuy by Arbi Barbarona  and Teng Mangansakan's Forbidden Memory.

6. The ground breaking ceremony of Cinematheque Nabunturan. It will happen on the August 25th. Nabunturan's Cinematheque is the first Cinematheque that is built from scratch. It is the third Cinematheque following Davao and Zamboanga.

7. Pabonggahan Filmmathon. A new activity for the Cinema Rehiyon 9.

8. The almost hundred short films, including Sherador.   There are 34 short films from Mindanao, 35 shorts from Visayas and 28 films representing Luzon.

9. The closing film. Sunday Beauty  Queen, the Best Film of the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival will be the Cinema Rehiyon 9's closing Film.

So if you are a resident of a neighboring city or municipality, don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the richness of regional cinema at Nabunturan on August 22-26, 2017.

For more details and information about  the event visit this following links:

Monday, July 17, 2017

Binibining Nabunturan 2017

Binibining Nabunturan 2017

12 Ladies representing different barangays of the Municipality of Nabunturan will battle it up to be next the Binibining Nabunturan 2017.

A celebration of beauty and sophistication, the pageantry will be back on the stage of Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School Gymnasium with the artistic direction of Dennis Bautista.

Just like Binibining Nabunturan 2014, preliminary activities like the Closed-Door Interview, Swimsuit, and Casual Dress will comprise the 25% of the total 100% scores.

On Friday, July 21, 2017 the girls will grace the stage for another round of Grecian-Roman inspired costume, Evening Gown, and Interview.

Scores goes back to zero as the girls will be narrowed down to 5 for the Final Question and Answer Portion. The winner will go home with a sash and crown courtesy of Tres Cartera collection and  cash prize. 

The Binibining Nabunturan 2017 Tickets are available at the Mayor's Office and Tourism Office of Nabunturan.

Ticket Prizes: 
VIP - P 1000.00
Gold - P 500.00
Silver - P 100.00
General Admission - P 20.00
Buy your tickets now and witness the Coronation Night on July 21, 2017 6:00 pm at the NNCHS Gym

For more information visit the following Facebook Fan pages

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Life in Still: House of Sari

I was suppose to do a Life in Still post about a recent photo session we did in three places namely: The San Agustin Botanical Garden of Tagum, the Energy Park, and the new Alemannia Beach Resort in Mabini. But, I opted not to, for they want it to be posted after the big day unfolds. Well, looking into my phone’s gallery, and there it was the month old Snapseed enhanced photos of  House of Sari.

House of Sari is located in front of the Medical Mission Group Hospital and Health Services Cooperative of Tagum. The place opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 9 in the evening. 

Their Best Seller.

John Snow

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